Foreign Direct Investment and Investment Promotion

Our lawyers in Thailand and Myanmar advise local and international clients on setting up of investment projects, permits and licenses. Our expertise and experiences cover:-

  • BOI promotion
  • Foreign business license (Thailand)
  • MIC permit (Myanmar)
  • Company registration
  • Corporate and Intercompany loans
  • Employment law issues
  • Corporate income tax, withholding tax, double tax treaties


  • a US steel mill services company on obtaining two BOI promotions for steel mill service projects
  • a multi-national audio system company on obtaining a foreign business license and a factory lease
  • a Hong Kong yacht sale and charter company on obtaining a foreign business license
  • a Hong Kong construction companies on sale of investments in an infrastructure project in Thailand
  • a US steel mill services company on sales of shares in an Indian joint venture company and an investment project in Vietnam
  • a US automobile support services company on establishing a joint venture with Thai investors
  • a leading Thai conglomerate on transfers of shares in two Indonesian joint ventures
  • a Thai company on purchases of urea fertilizer with a value of US$250 million from companies in Malaysia and China
  • a Thai agricultural industry company on a THB500 million joint venture with a food company from China

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