LawPlus Myanmar Ltd., established in 2013, is a law firm operated by a team of Myanmar lawyers with support of the lawyers of LawPlus Ltd. of Thailand.  The Firm has been operating in Thailand as LawPlus Ltd. since 2003.  The main objective of the Firm is to provide local and multinational companies with top quality legal services in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.

Our Myanmar lawyers have in-depth knowledge and insight of the Myanmar legislation, economy, society, culture and practice.  Our partners and lawyers at LawPlus Ltd. work closely with the Myanmar team to ensure that our advices and opinions are accurate and practical and that our services are responsive and add values to the client’s businesses.

Our Practices

Our specialized practice areas include foreign direct investment, corporate, merger and acquisition, commercial, intellectual property, banking, telecommunications, information and digital technology, employment, real property and dispute resolution.                        

Our Credentials

We have been actively advising, representing and handling legal matters for clients on their investments and business operations in Myanmar.  The following are some representative transactions:-

Banking and Finance

  • Advising a Chinese credit and debit card company on establishing a branch in Myanmar;
  • Advising clients on foreign exchange control regulations applicable to remittances and repatriations of cross-border loans and investment funds;
  • Advising a Thai IT service and trading company on establishing a microfinance company with a local joint venture partner;
  • Advising and assisting corporate clients on opening bank accounts and intercompany loans;
  • Advising a Malaysian healthcare platform on opening a bank account with a local bank;
  • Advising a multinational freight forwarding company and opening a bank account in Myanmar. 

Corporate and M&A

  • Setting up a services company for a Singapore petroleum support services company;
  • Setting up a healthcare services company for a Hong Kong client;
  • Setting up a joint venture company for Japanese automobile company for importation and distribution of automobiles in Myanmar;
  • Setting up two subsidiaries in Myanmar for a Singaporean company;
  • Preparing joint venture agreements and related agreements for a Thai conglomerate for establishing a beverage manufacturing plant and advising on setting up two joint venture companies with a leading Myanmar group of companies;
  • Advising a Thai public company listed on the Market for Alternative Investments on a joint venture with a local partner on a power plant project in Shan State;
  • Advising a Thai hospital on obtaining an MIC permit for operating hospital business in Myanmar;
  • Advising a Japanese tobacco company on general corporate and commercial matters;
  • Advising a Thai-Myanmar JV company on obtaining a wholesales license and a loan approval from authorities;
  • Advising a Myanmar vehicle manufacturing company on vehicle sale contract;
  • Conducting corporate due diligence and litigation searches for a Thai company. 

Real Property

  • Advising a subsidiary of a Singaporean company on real property law and preparing an office space lease agreement;
  • Advising a Hong Kong company on real property law and handling purchases and leases of lands by Myanmar investment partners;
  • Advising a Myanmar client on permanent residence and transfer ownership in immovable property;
  • Conducting a land due diligence for a telecom tower project for a joint venture company between a Singaporean company and a Myanmar company in Myanmar;
  • Conducting legal due diligence on shophouses in Basein and condominium units in Yangon for a Hong Kong investor. 

Intellectual Property

  • Advising two Japanese companies on trademark infringements and actions to stop distribution and sale of infringing goods;
  • Registering trademarks for a large number of multinational clients with head offices in Thailand, Japan and USA;
  • Representing a Thai company on cancellation of an infringing trademark;
  • Conducting trademark searches for a German company;
  • Representing an industrial association in the UK on legal actions based on infringement of a trademark and collective mark;
  • Advising a Singaporean company on transfer and license of copyright contents for distribution in Myanmar. 


  • Preparing cross-border sale and purchase agreements for a Myanmar company to import trucks and heavy equipment;
  • Advising a Japanese department store on commercial and investment laws;
  • Advising a company of a US company on US and EU Sanctions against persons and legal entities in Myanmar;
  • Advising a US technology services company on oil and gas laws and regulations;
  • Obtaining an export and import registration certificate for a subsidiary of a Singaporean company;
  • Advising a Japanese ceramic sanitary ware product company on product standard law. 

Information and Digital Technology

  • Advising a Singaporean company on laws and regulations on mobile banking;
  • Representing 3 mobile phone and ISP companies on registering their trademarks and service marks for their services;
  • Advising a Japanese company on laws applicable to acquisitions and sales od digital maps;
  • Advising a US company on using State flag and symbol with their digital contents for global distribution;
  • Advising a US ecommerce company on import of telecommunication and data center equipment and devices. 

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Representing a Myanmar client on claims for US$1.9 Million damages under multiple sales and purchase contracts with a Chinese supplier;
  • Representing a Japanese automobile parts company on trademark infringement;
  • Acting for an association in Europe of infringement of a geographical indications and collective mark;
  • Assisting a Thai food manufacturing company on trademark dispute with a local distributor.

LawPlus Myanmar Ltd.
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If you have any questions regarding our services or if you need any legal advice, please contact us.  We would be delighted to corporate with you.