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Litigation and Dispute Resolutions

We have represented clients in litigation and in arbitration in Thailand, Myanmar and Hong Kong as lawyers, advocates, counsellers and expert witnesses involving a variety of disputes and litigation matters.


  • a creditor on THB5.4 billion business reorganization of a Thai company
  • a German bank on claims for payments of THB390 million debts in bankruptcy of two finance companies
  • Thai and multinational corporations companies on intellectual property infringement disputes and lawsuits in court in Thailand, Myanmar, the USA, the UK, France, Spain, Germany and several other countries
  • a French company on a passing-off lawsuit to recover two well-known trademarks
  • a UK company on border control measures for protection of a trademark
  • a Thai company on a THB12 million copyright claim
  • a Thai company on a lawsuit related to THB85 million investment in Indonesia
  • a subsidiary of a UK food manufacturer on a product liability lawsuit
  • a US automobile finance company on a lawsuit against a distribution company
  • a UK pharmaceutical company on tax and employment law issues
  • a US petroleum company on labour law disputes with the labour union
  • a UK petroleum company on labour law disputes and labour lawsuits
  • a Malaysian engineering company on arbitration for a small power plant project dispute
  • a Hong Kong company (in insolvency) on recovering US$30 million from a Thai bank
  • a Korean petroleum company on recovery of US$12 million debt from a Thai company
  • a Korean company on a sponsorship agreement dispute with a Thai football association
  • a Hong Kong company on a dispute under a sponsorship agreement with a Thai company
  • Taiwanese chemical companies on lawsuits against four Thai companies for payments of US$1.64 million
  • Danish company on recovery of THB6 million undue enrichment result from cybercrime

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