Brand Enforcement in ASEAN

Kowit Somwaiya, Managing Partner of LawPlus Ltd., was interviewed by the WIPR on anti-counterfeiting and brand enforcement.  The interview was published as “Meeting the Challenges of Innovation in Asia” in the INTA Daily News dated 19th May 2018 during the INTA 140th Annual Meeting in Seattle.

In the interview, Kowit discussed the main trademark-related goals of the ASEAN region’s IP Strategic Action Plan 2016-2025 and some difficulties for ASEAN countries, particularly in relation to trademark harmonization. He also gave his view on challenges that lie ahead for 2018 and how trademark owners can deal with the developments in law and economy in ASEAN.

He emphasized that trademark owners need to have a strategic plan that deals with trademark infringement in the region in the long term. Brand owners should invest time and money on informing / educating their management team including counsel and support on all aspects of online brand and related IP infringement activities so that they are at all times aware of the volume and severity of the infringement problems as applicable to their brands and business.

Currently Kowit is serving as a director of the INTA Board of Directors (2018-2020). His work at INTA in relation to trademark law and practice in the ASEAN countries is mainly on assisting INTA in implementing the INTA 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, especially in terms of advocacy, communication, education and networking opportunities.  On the grounds, he helps INTA promote the values of trademarks and brands amongst regional brand owners and the public.

As a Director, he works actively with the Board of Directors, officers, committees and advisory council of INTA on both global and regional issues, especially the Asia-Pacific area, which includes the ASEAN region.

For the full interview, you can click here.


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