Anti-Corruption Code of Ethics

On 3rd August 2018, the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (“DICA”) issued the Announcement on Anti-Corruption Code of Ethics (“ACCE”) for entering into business deals with the government authorities and other companies and organizations in the private sector in order to develop the entire economic environment.

All companies and corporations established under the existing laws in the Union must comply with the ACCE.

The following activities are prohibited either directly or indirectly in order to prevent the corruption while doing business in Myanmar:-

(1)   making and offering a gift, entertainment, and other preferential treatments;

(2)   providing a necessary assistance for traveling;

(3)   providing a financial support for having a business opportunity;

(4)   offering a charitable donation;

(5)   conferring a political contribution; or

(6)   providing an assistance for appointment of employees in companies or corporations for personal interest.


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