E-Certificate Launched

On 7 August 2018, the Department of Business Development (“DBD”) released its Press Release No. 148 to announce that it has launched its e-certificate services to allow the public to obtain a certified copy of the registration affidavit of a registered legal entity online in 7 steps, which are:

(1)   submitting a request through the DBD website.

(2)   selecting an online service;

(3)   paying the official fee of THB200 (per request) by a fund transfer via ATM / Internet Banking or at a bank counter;

(4)   the Company Registrar signing the electronic signature in the certificate/copy and the receipt;

(5)   the DBD system creating and delivering a password to the user;

(6)   the user using the password to open the DBD e-certificate file by email; and

(7)   the user downloading the e-certificate file from the DBD’s system.

The user can check the correctness of the e-certificate against the website of the DBD.  The QR code and the reference number shown online in the e-certificate file are valid for one month from the issued date.

The e-certificate file digitally signed by the Company Registrar is its original.  Its printed version is its photocopy.

The information included in the e-certificate file are (1) the names of partners and directors; (2) the names of managing partners and authorized directors; (3) the limitation of the authorization of the managing partner; (4) the registered capital and paid-up capital; (5) the registered address and (6) the business objectives.

The DBD e-certificate file service has been in operation since 15 August 2018.


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