Amendment to the Myanmar Importer and Exporter Registration Procedures

On 9th August 2018, the Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”) issued its Newsletter No. 6/2018 on Amendment of Importer and Exporter Registration (“IE Registration”) Procedures to govern new registration, renewal, amendment and obtaining certified registration certificate for import and export of goods under the Exporter and Importer Registration Order 1954 issued under the Control of Export and Import (Temporary) Act 1947.  The major requirements and procedures for the IE Registration are as follows:-

Eligible Applicants and Offices in Charge

The eligible applicants must be legal entities registered under the Special Companies Act 1950 and the Myanmar Company Law 2017 i.e. (i) a local company owned by a private or the public, (ii) a foreign owned company or a branch office, (iii) a joint venture company, and (iv) a cooperative association under the Cooperative Association Law.  Government agencies, banks and business associations owned by the Government, etc. established under the MOC Order No. 1/91 dated 1st January 1991 are exempted from the IE Registration.

The IE Registration application can be filed at the following offices:-

•  the Trade Department of the MOC, Office No. 3, Naypyaytaw;

•  the Trade Department of the MOC, Branch Office of Yangon Division, Strand Road, Yangon;

•  the One Stop Services, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, Yankin Township, Yangon (only for the company holding an MIC permit);

•  the One Stop Service Center, Thilawa Special Economic Zone, Thanlyin, Yangon(Only for a company operating business in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone).

Rights of Registered Exporter and Importer

The registered exporter and importer are entitled to:-

•  operate border trading business in accordance with the prescribe rules and regulations;

•  export all goods except for those which are prohibited by the Government;

•  import goods except for those prohibited by the Government in a foreign currency; and

•  import specific limited goods and sell or distribute them in the local market.

Term of IE Registration

The term of each IE Registration is 5 years renewable for 5 years each.  The renewal application must be submitted at least 3 months before the expiry date.


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