Kowit Somwaiya Speaks at the ACLA Intellectual Property Committee Annual Meeting in Nanning, China

The All China Lawyers Association (“ACLA“) by its Intellectual Property Committee and the Guangxi Lawyers Association organized the ACLA Intellectual Property Committee 2018 Meeting from 7thto 9th December 2018 in Nanning, China.

On the second day of the meeting, Kowit Somwaiya, Managing Partner and Founder of LawPlus Ltd., gave keynote speech on “Overview of Thailand Intellectual Property Law and Practice”.  He mentioned all four main pillars of IP system, i.e., IP protection, IP utilization, IP commercialization and IP enforcement in Thailand.  He also explained to the audience about Thailand 20 Years IP Roadmap to Economy 4.0 (2017-2036) and the overall of the intellectual property laws and practices in ASEAN.

During the evening session on the same day when the ASEAN reception was held, he further gave presentation on “Enforcement of Trademarks and Copyrights in Thailand and Myanmar”. He pointed out some negative impacts of trademark and copyright infringement and explained how enforcement of trademark and copyright works in both jurisdictions.  He also mentioned measures on enforcement of IP rights against online infringement which has been increasing significantly in the past recent years than traditional way.

His speech and presentation received much attention from the attendees of the conference as more and more Chinese companies and even individuals have carried our more investment and trade operations in Thailand and Myanmar, especially for the fact that the new trademark law of Myanmar is expected to be soon enacted.

For the full presentation slides, please click the slide covers below.


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