New Labeling Requirements

On 3rd December 2019, the Consumer Protection Committee issued its Directive No. 2/2019 on the labeling requirements of the 8 groups of products listed below effective from 16th March 2020.

–   Group A: Food products;
–   Group B: Household products;
–   Group C: Kids products;
–   Group D: Telecommunication products;
–   Group E: Pharmaceutical and dietetic products;
–   Group F: Cosmetic products;
–   Group G: Commodity products and Group H: Products used for business activities, e.g. sprayers for agriculture business, health equipment for healthcare business.

The labels on the packaging of these products are required to contain the following information items in the Myanmar language or in the Myanmar language plus one or more other languages:-

–    name of product;
–   size, quantity and net weight of product;
–   storage instruction;
–   usage instruction;
–   description of side effects;
–   description of allergies; and
–   precautionary notice.

If any of the required information items listed above is not shown on the products, a separate flyer or label containing the required information must be provided to the consumer together with the products. For imported products, a new label or new packaging in the Myanmar language must be used for distribution in the Myanmar market.

Failure to comply with the labeling requirements under this directive can be subject to a fine of not more than MMK20 million or imprisonment of not more than 2 years or both under Section 73 of the Consumer Protection Law 2019.


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