Thailand Space Activities Law

On 13th July 2021, the Thailand Cabinet approved the draft Space Activities Act (“SAA”).  The major provisions of the SAA are as summarized below.

(1)   The National Space Policy Committee (“NSPC”) will be established to prepare space activity policies and plans, formulate plans or projects for the cooperation between the public and private agencies, support the usage of high technology, and enhance the Thailand’s competitiveness in the space-economy.  The National Space Activities Office (“NSAO”) will also be established.

(2)   A license for operation of space activities or space-related activities must be obtained from the NSAO, subject to certain exceptions.  The license holder is required to provide an insurance for damages caused from space objects to third parties and comply with the plan for reduction of space objects.

(3)   Space objects must be registered with the NSAO before they are launched into the space.  The rights over the space objects registered in Thailand cannot be transferred to any others party except in case where an approval is granted by the NSPC or an agreement on exemption is made between Thailand and another country or an international organization.

(4)   A license holder must notify the Director of the NSAO immediately if the space activities licensed under the Act have caused any damages to other parties.

(5)   Anyone who finds astronauts, emergency landing of space objects must notify the competent authority, the local authority and the NSAO.

(6)   Whoever wishes to operate a space-related activity can apply for promotion and assistance in the form of funds, materials, technologies, etc., by submitting an application to the Director of the NSAO.



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