Digital Work Permit for Long-term Resident Visa Holders

Starting from 1st September 2022, each holder of the Thailand long-term resident visa (“LTR Visa”) in the category of the wealthy global citizens (“WGC”), the wealthy pensioners (“WP”), the highly-skilled professionals (“HSP”) and his/her spouse (“Dependents”) can apply for a digital work permit (“DWP”) at the One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit at Chamchuri Square Building in Bangkok or at a Provincial Labor Office.  The LTR Visa is available to some categories of foreigners under the recently issued LTR Visa legislations of Thailand.

The official application fee of the DWP is THB3,000 per year of the visa term applied for under the application.

Once the DWP application is filed, the applicant can work in Thailand before the issuance of the DWP.

If the DWP holders work for an employer, the DWP will be valid for the employment period.  For those who work without an employer, the DWP will be valid for the period requested in the application.  In either case, the maximum term of the DWP is 5 years.  It can be extended for another term of 5 years.

The employer of the DWP holder is exempted from hiring four Thai employees per one foreign employee.

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