Intellectual Property in Vietnam

Please find below the 5 articles related to Intellectual Property in Vietnam:

1.   There are two forms of logo protection: trademark registration or copyright protection.  If the logo and its author meet specific requirements, the logo’s copyright is immediately protected.  For trademark protection, it is necessary to file an application. The type of protection chosen is determined by the purpose of use and registration.  Read more: Logo protection in Vietnam: Understanding the differences betweeen copyright and trademark

2.   The franchisor is required to provide information about its franchise system to the prospective franchisee at least 15 working days before signing the contract. The information provided must meet a mandatory content in accordance with Vietnamese law.  Read more: Unlocking success: Essential guidelines for franchise contracts in Vietnam

3.   It is in the context of globalization and the increased participation of Vietnam in international treaties promoting creativity and inventions, that the Law on Intellectual Property was promulgated in 2005. The law was amended in 2009 and 2019 and continued to be adjusted and revised by the National Assembly in 2022.  Read more:  Enhancing intellectual property framework in Vietnam: 4 key insights in the amended IP law 2022

4.   In the context of globalization, companies pay more attention to promoting products for export to foreign markets and accessing new markets.  In order to protect themselves in international markets, more and more companies are interested in protecting goods and services trademarks in foreign markets. This is also one of the prerequisites for the company’s products to circulate freely in foreign markets without being considered as infringement of other companies’ trademark.  Read more:  Trademark protection in global markets: Preserving the distinctiveness of your brands

5.   With the development of  information technology 4.0, the impact of the pandemic on the online business market is being noticed by investors, as it offers more investment opportunities to expand their businesses even during the difficult times caused by the pandemic.  Read more:  Empowering e-commerce startups: Latest domain name and trademark protection strategies in Vietnam


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