Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how LawPlus Ltd. and LawPlus Myanmar Ltd. (collectively “LawPlus”, “we”) collect, use and disclose (collectively the “Process”) your personal data.

1.   This Privacy Policy applies to you when you are:

(a)   client or prospect of LawPlus: means an individual client and prospects, or a person associated with a corporate client and prospects (including the authorized director(s), authorized representative(s) and/or the contact person(s) of a corporate client) (the “Associated Person”) that inquire, negotiate, and/or engage us for our legal services (the “Service”);

(b)   suppliers or service providers of LawPlus: means an individual person or the Associated Person of the corporate suppliers/service providers;

(c)   site visitor or registrant of LawPlus: means an individual visitor or registrant to LawPlus website: and/or other associated online platforms, publications;

(d)   employees and job candidates of the LawPlus; and

(e)   Any other individuals from which LawPlus Processes your personal data.

2.   What types of Personal Data do we collect?

LawPlus collects various types of your data, which can be used to identify you as an individual, whether directly or indirectly (“Personal Data”), such as:-

(a)   When you are client or prospect and suppliers or service providers: your full name, date of birth, address, contact numbers, email addresses, place of work, employment status, occupation, data contained in your identification document (e.g. identification card, passport or driving license), signature, web browsing data, Cookies ID, IP addresses and other personal information collected under the LawPlus’ Service provisions;

(b)   When you are site visitor or registrant: your full name, address, contact numbers, email addresses, web browsing data, Cookies ID, IP addresses, and other personal information collected under the LawPlus’ Service provisions;

(c)   When you are employees and job candidates: your

  Identification and Contact Information – title, name, nickname, date of birth, home address, e-mail address, telephone number, mobile number, employee code, Thai national ID card/passport number, photos, bank account number, including names, contact details, and other personal date of your parents, spouse, children and/or reference persons (if any)

•   Professional Information – diplomas, transcripts, certificates, permits, licenses, educational and employment background, recognitions, publications and awards, skills, language proficiency, aptitude test results, interview process test results, and other personal data contained in job application documents, such as, curriculum vitae (CV), cover letter, that you provided to us as part of your job application, information on your property ownership documents, such as, your car registration number, your past and current level of remuneration and benefit entitlements, contributions to the social security fund, workmen compensation fund and provident fund (where applicable), withholding tax information, information about your entitlement to work in Thailand, working hours and working overtime records, working performances, job grade, audit log records, leave records, information about your use of our resources, photos and video, records of training and development activities, disciplinary action or warnings, employment termination records, claims and disputes

•   Health Information – past medical history, including information about past injury, operation, illness, disability, and congenital diseases, medical certificates, medical checkup records and blood type

•  Criminal Record Information – criminal history and behavior

•   Security Information – religion, racial origin, fingerprints

•   Other Information – any information you provided to us during the interview process and the course of employment with us

(d)   From Third Parties including but not limited to business referees, relatives, or other individual person of interest, recruitment companies, background check providers or vetting team, information that is publicly available or obtained from a publicly available source that you manifestly made public, including LinkedIn account or other public directories.

(e)  We may also collect your Sensitive Personal Data that categorized by law, when we have obtained your explicit consent or where necessary for LawPlus as permissible under law, which may include data that is contained in the copy of your Thai identification card (i.e. religion and/or blood type), your racial, ethnic origin, political opinions, cult, religious or philosophy beliefs, sexual behaviour, criminal records, health data, disability, information on sanction lists, genetic data, biometric data, or of any data well defined by the law.

(f)  Apart from the stated list, we may also collect various types of personal data where necessary to our service objectives being a law firm and permissible by the law.

3.   Why do we collect and process your Personal Data?

LawPlus collects and processes your Personal Data for following different purposes:

(a)   To perform service contract, where necessary to answer your inquires and/or perform our contractual obligations.

(b)   To maintain business administration and marketing promotion, where necessary to operate our administrative routine to fulfil our contractual obligations; to provide you with information/presentations on products and/or services of LawPlus, to conduct marketing by sending you messages, materials, and promotions relating to our Services, subject to your contact preferences.

(c)   To design, optimize, and secure our website, where necessary to provide you with the optimized and safe access to our website and other online properties. To allow good and/or service providers to access your Personal Data as described in your account terms and conditions.

(d)   To operate recruiting processes and employment management, were necessary to recruit and manage our candidates and employees.

(e)   To conduct legal compliance activities, where the collection and processing are required by applicable laws, such as the tax legislation and applicable laws. We may also disclose your Personal Data to governmental agencies, regulatory authorities, or to the courts of other parties, and where necessary for LawPlus or third parties’ legitimate interests.

(f)   To perform employment activities, i.e. human resources and employment matters, background and criminal record check as permitted by the applicable laws to verify your qualification, making payment of your legal and contractual entitlements, including disclosing your personal data with commercial banks for such payment, withholding and paying taxes and make contribution to the social security fund, workmen compensation fund and provident fund as required by law and where applicable, reviewing, assessing and evaluating your working performance, offering you certain benefits and welfares which include your health and safety, including disclosing your personal data with insurance companies for offering such benefits and welfares, providing trainings and development, promoting our business and/or corporate social responsibility (CSR), keeping records and administration in relation to your employment history, communicating with you and responding to your enquiries or complaints, transferring, sharing and/or disclosing to companies in our group abroad for our business operation and administration, other purposes required to operate and maintain our business as set out in our Data Privacy Policy and to comply with the applicable laws and regulations in relation to your employment, including disclosing your personal data to the competent courts of jurisdiction and/or the competent authorities to the extent that it is permitted and required under the applicable laws and regulations.

(g)   For any purpose required by law or regulations.

4.   Who do we disclose your Personal Data with?

Your personal data held by us shall be kept confidential.  However, to provide you with our services and to comply with any legal and regulatory requirements, we may need to disclose your personal data to:

–   our affiliates, both within and outside Thailand, in the aim of providing you with our services and administrating your relationship with us, and for other purposes as identified in this Privacy Policy.

–   our service providers, such as IT service provider, third party’s online conference system, to provide additional contracted benefits or services to you. We request the providers to apply reasonable security to your Personal Data, solely process the Personal Data on our behalf.

–   our insurers, sub-contractors and persons acting as our agents, who have agreed to keep your Personal Data confidential and comply with the obligations and requirements as stipulated under the applicable personal data protection laws.

–   financial institutions relevant to payments;

–   internal and external auditors;

–   our business partners, advertising agencies, social media or media platforms for the purpose of marketing and/or offering products/services/presentations to you, as prescribed in this Privacy Policy;

–   government or regulatory authorities, tax or governmental agencies, courts or other tribunals for our interests protection and legal compliance.

5.   Where do we transfer your Personal Data?

We transfers your Personal Data to our affiliates or third parties e.g. service partners that located inside and outside Thailand as necessary for the stated purposes.

In case of cross-border transfer, we should ensure that any third party that receives such Personal Data shall have adequate data protection standard, and comply with our legal and regulatory obligations under the PDPA.  In absence of the adequate data protection standard of the third party receiving country, we shall request for your explicit consent prior to transferring your Personal Data to such receiving country.

6.  How long do we keep your Personal Data for?

We retain your Personal Data for as long as is required in order to fulfil our contractual obligations, or the performance of our services to you, and for 10 (ten) years after the cessation of our contractual relationship, or the last performance of our services, unless otherwise required or permitted by applicable law.

Where we process your Personal Data in connection with a legal obligation, your Personal Data will be retained for the duration of the prescribed legal retention period, as stipulated under the applicable law.

7.   Unsubscribe

You can click the “Unsubscribe” button beneath our marketing emails or inform us to stop sending you any and all marketing messages at any time.

8.   Cookies

Cookies serve a wide variety of purposes. Cookies are pieces of data stored in your web browser that are transmitted to websites to remember your browser over time and distinguish it from other users.

We use cookies or permit third parties to insert cookies on our websites so as to provide you with the websites and Services, to remember your usage and personalize your web experience and for security, analytics, marketing, and interest-based advertising.

You can block and control cookies using the information noted in this section. Please be noted if you block all cookies, certain functionality on our website will not work. The following settings will control our use of browser cookies, the use of IP address for tracking, and the collection and use of data for cookie-based, interest-based advertising.

–   Required Cookies. These strictly necessary cookies are used for core functionality, and recognize when you are signed in, remember things such as text entered, are necessary for security, and enforce your privacy preferences. Without these cookies, some functionality on our websites will fail. You can block these cookies in your browser preferences.

–   Functional Cookies. These cookies help to improve the websites by allowing us to understand how the site is used and how the site performs. These cookies include analytics and measurement.

–   Advertising Cookies. These cookies help us and other parties personalize ads that are shown to you on our websites and Services, as well as on other sites. If enabled, these cookies will allow third parties engaged in interest-based advertising on our site to recognize your browser software on other websites too.

9.   What are your rights in relation to your Personal Data?

Unless otherwise prescribed in the laws, you have legitimate rights as stated below for the Personal Data that we retain about you. LawPlus will process your request in accordance with our statutory obligations. You will be notified accordingly if we cannot meet your request in some cases where permitted by law.

(a)   Access and copy: You are entitled to request access to and obtain copy of your Personal Data, and to request the disclosure of the acquisition of the Personal Data without your consent;

(b)   Receive and transfer: You are entitled to receive your Personal Data to be arranged in a machine-readable and commonly usable format, and to have the stated Personal Data transferred to another Data Controller;

(c)   Object: You are entitled to object to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data, especially where such collection, use, or disclosure is for direct marketing purposes;

(d)   Erase or anonymize: You are entitled to request to erase, destroy or anonymize your Personal Data;

(e)   Restrict using: You are entitled to request to restrict the use of your Personal Data;

(f)   Correct: You are entitled to request to keep your Personal Data being accurate, up-to-date, complete, and not misleading; and

(g)   Withdraw: You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time, provided that there is no other legal ground for us to continue with the processing of your Personal Data;

(h)   Complaint: You are entitled to complaint to us through the contact information attached below, or to the local protection authority, if there is any misusing or insecurity situation during our collection and processing of your Personal Data.

10.   Changes to this Privacy Policy

LawPlus may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. If the original purpose of collecting and processing will be significantly affected because of the changes of this Privacy Policy, we will duly notify you of such changes through email and request for your consent when it is requested by law.

11.  Contact us

If you have any inquiries in relation to your Personal Data, or you would like to exercise any of your Data Subject Rights, you may contact us at:

LawPlus Ltd.
Unit 1401, 14th Floor, Abdulrahim Place 990 Rama IV Road,
Bangkok 10500, ThailandEmail address:

Remarks: The above email address is reserved for the contact related to the exercise of your Data Subject Rights only.

This Privacy Policy shall take effect from June 2022 onwards.