Trademark Registration and Enforcement in Thailand and Myanmar

On 2nd September 2017, Kowit Somwaiya, Managing Partner of LawPlus Ltd., made a presentation at the China Trademark Association (CTA) Trademark Festival 2017 organized in Guilin, China.  The presentation was part of session sponsored by the International Trademark Association (INTA).  The topic of his presentation was “How to Protect Your Trademark Cross Border? Trademark Registration and Enforcement in Thailand and Myanmar”.

Today’s global economy provides a world of opportunity for smart businesses – both large and small – selling goods and services beyond their national borders. Protection of trademark overseas is very important to businesses.

Thailand is the fourth most populous country and second-largest economy in ASEAN. China is one of the largest export and import partners of Thailand.  Moreover, Thailand’s geographical location makes it ideal trans-shipment hub.  Thus, protection and enforcement of trademarks in Thailand is very important for Chinese trademark owners.

Myanmar is another important market of Chinese goods and services in ASEAN and also one of the targeted countries of investment from Chinese companies.  Thus, knowing about protection and enforcement of trademark in Myanmar is also important for Chinese manufacturers and exporters.



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