New Myanmar Consumer Protection Law

On the 15th of March 2019, the Union Parliament issued the Consumer Protection Law 2019 (Law No. 9/2019) (“CPL”).  The CPL comes into force on its issuing date, with the exception of its Chapter 18 with regards to the description of goods, which will become effective one year after issuing date. The law consumer safety standards and protects consumers giving consumers various rights and imposing certain obligations for Business Operators which relate to advertising and the promotion of goods and services. In particular, the CPL provides for and imposes the following major rights and obligations:

1.   The right for Consumers to:

(1)   receive goods and services which meets the basic quality requirements in relation to such goods and services and to use goods and services safely;

(2)   rely on information provided by manufacturers on product labels, in particular with regards to ingredients, health standards, or production dates;

(3)   receive goods and services on the basis of terms or conditions as stated by the manufacturer;

(4)   access complete and correct information about the goods and services that they have purchased; and

(5)   rely on pricing and other information contained in advertising produced by a manufacturer or a supplier.

2.   Obligations on Business Operators to:

(1)   Provide various guarantees with regards to its own goods to ensure consistency between the description of a good in advertising, labeling or other promotional activities and reality;

(2)   include various pieces of important information about the product in the Myanmar Language or in the Myanmar language and other languages, this information includes for example, allergy information, side effects and ingredient quantities; and

(3)   refrain from using misleading information in bad faith to advertise goods and services amongst other obligations.




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