Postponement of AGMs Allowed Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 situation, on 26th April 2021 the Department of Business Development (“DBD“) issued its Announcement on Meetings of Legal Entities under Provincial Announcements on Temporary Closures of Venues.

This Announcement allows private limited companies, public limited companies, trade associations and chambers of commerce (“Legal Entities“) that closed their  offices as required under the announcements of the governors of the provinces in which they are located due to the Covid-19 pandemic to postpone their  scheduled annual general meetings (“AGM“) for one month.

Under this Announcement, only the Legal Entities that scheduled their AGMs for 26th to 30th April 2021 can postpone their AGMs for one month from the  scheduled AGM date.

After the AGM is convened, they must file a letter stating the cause of the AGM postponement and the audited financial statements plus:-

1.   a copy of the list of shareholders for private limited companies; or

2.   a copy of the minutes of the AGM and an annual report for public limited companies, trade associations and chambers of commerce

with the DBD through the DBD’s e-filing platform within June 2021.  For this purpose, an AGM convened as an e-meeting under the Emergency Decree on  Electronic Meetings B. E. 2563 is allowed.



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