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Commercial Transactions

We assist clients on local and international trade and commerce. We advise clients on sale and purchase, franchising, distribution, leasing, unfair competition, trade dispute, debt recovery, export-import.


  • a leading US glass manufacturer on the implementation of a shared service center for its Thai subsidiaries
  • a US steel mill services company on obtaining two BOI promotions for steel mill service projects
  • a large US fast food restaurant company on opening a branch in Thailand and a franchise agreement
  • a multi-national audio system company on obtaining a foreign business license and a factory lease
  • an Italian carpet yarn manufacturing company on land purchasing, establishing a plant for manufacturing automobile carpet and obtaining a BOI promotion
  • a Hong Kong yacht sale and charter company on obtaining a foreign business license
  • a Hong Kong construction companies on sale of investments in an infrastructure project in Thailand
  • a US steel mill services company on sales of shares in an Indian joint venture company and an investment project in Vietnam
  • a US automobile support services company on establishing a joint venture with Thai investors
  • a German clinical nutrition and infusion therapy company on labour law issues
  • a British food and beverages company on manufacturing agreements, co-packer agreements, distribution agreements, sale and purchase agreements and other commercial contracts
  • a Thai pharmaceutical company on confidentiality agreements, manufacturing agreements, co-packer agreements and supplier agreements
  • a leading Thai conglomerate on transfers of shares in two Indonesian joint ventures
  • a Thai company on purchases of urea fertilizer with a value of US$250 million from companies in Malaysia and China
  • a Thai agricultural industry company on a THB500 million joint venture with a food company from China

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